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Fashion DIY bag inspired by Paco Rabanne!

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Hi guys out there, today I’m posting a new fashion DIY, do you remember my outfit on the railway?
You can find it here, and today I’m gonna post you the tutorial about the bag, to make it I was inspired by paco rabanne that you can see it in the pic!
To realize it is really easy, there are no seams, it’s just an overlay. 
Time: 20 min 
Essential: Old black bag (otherwise a rectangle of black leather), golden color leather (all the pieces of  leather that I’m using are recycled materials), gold thread, pliers, hammer drill and closure for bags. 
Tutorial: I first cut a rectangle of leather from the bag, then from the golden color leather I got two equal rectangles for the sides. 
Finally I assembled everything, puncturing the parts of leather with the drilling and hooking them with the circles that I made from golden thread, then I applied the closure. 
Do you like it? 
Big kiss and thanks forkeep following me and for your lovely comments 

Ps: on the closure to re-finish it I applied with hot glue small studs, I’m sorry you can’t see from the pics 

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